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Help, Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for business or service:

Q: How can I find business I am looking for?
A: First step is to search category. Next is to choose province or territory. Step 3 is the city selecting. And last step is the business list.

If you are business owner:

Q: What is E-code?
A: E-code is just small confirmation of your E-mail address. With this we will avoid typing errors in Email.

Q: I asked for E-code, but I didn't got it :-(
A: It is very important to enter correct E-mail address in E-code asking form. Also please check your SPAM folder just in case, that your system marked E-code email as spam.

Q: Is CAN.info free for companies too?
A: Yes, our business directory is 100% free. We will NEVER send you any bill or other payment request for listing.

Q: How can I add my business to directory?
A: First step is to find proper category! Next step is to fill the form on "Add New Business" page. Link is visible on top of the chosen category page.

Q: I noticed listing for my business is incorrect. How can I correct it?
A: First step is to find that page where Your business is listed. Next to the business title click on the "Edit" icon and fill the form. After submit, we will process the details, check the information (in most cases over web address). Changes will be visible in max 5 working days.

Q: My business is closed. I want to remove my listing.
A: Similar as in previous question. Fist step is to find the page with this business. Next to the title is the icon "Delete". Click on icon and fill the form. Please explain the reason of the removing details. After submit, give us max 1 week to process the request.

Q: I want to advertise on can.info
A: For now additional advertising is closed, but you can add your business to directory for free.

Q: How can I know that by new business is added to can.info?
A: Follow the date of latest changes. You can do it on Latest Changes page or on chosen category page (for example dentist.can.info in right sidebar "Latest Changes heading")